Interventions for the enhancement and use of places of identity in Puglia

When to participate

from 24/01/2019 to 29/04/2019
Opportunity expired

Through the Public Notice for interventions for the enhancement and use of identity sites, the Puglia Region supports the strategy of revitalizing the regional cultural heritage and the networking of cultural heritage.

The funding opportunity intends to promote interventions for the recovery and functionalization of the material infrastructures of the cultural heritage and the structural strengthening of the offer of cultural services through the infrastructure and the setting up of laboratories, the technological adaptation of the cultural heritage, the creation of service facilities for local communities and tourists.

Who can participate

Proposing subject of the idea: public schools

Subject recipient of the contribution and responsible for the start-up and implementation
of the intervention
: Metropolitan Cities, Provinces, Municipalities, Unions of Municipalities

What finances

  • Valorisation interventions, fruition and networking of cultural heritage, institutes and places of Apulian culture
  • Interventions of recovery and refunctionalization of cultural heritage assets, infrastructure and construction
  • Laboratories aimed at dissemination and knowledge through the use of technologies or artistic forms of use (storytelling, performing arts, etc.), workshops equipped for the preservation and use of movable property and artifacts (paintings, stone artefacts, furnishings, wooden artefacts, photographic heritage, video and sound, etc.)
  • Art production workshops (artist workshops, kids creative lab, creation of contemporary art, etc.) and design oriented towards cultural enhancement
  • Workshops on restoration techniques, also for the purpose of drafting or implementing
  • Manuals and handbooks for the sector or, in any case, to put replicable solutions; Innovative methods and tools - for example virtual reconstruction technologies, Immersive and interactive experience, augmented reality - to expand the sustainable use of identified cultural assets and places, ensuring a wide range of products and services created
  • Permanent cultural and educational workshops or other initiatives aimed at spreading knowledge and enhancing identified cultural heritage assets, institutes and places of culture by different user segments since the construction site start-up phase (eg Living Labs)
Maximum contribution for projects
30.000 €
Total available resources
1.000.000 €

How to participate

The application form for the idea, compiled according to Form A attached sub A of the Public Notice and signed by the legal representative of the proposing subject, must be sent, in a PDF file that cannot be modified, from the PEC address (Italian certified e-mail) of the Subject proposer to and must be accompanied by

  • agreement (Article 5.2 of the Notice) digitally signed pursuant to art. 15 of Law 241/1990 from both the Proponent and Beneficiary Subjects;
  • copy of the identity document of the Proponent; Declaration of the Proposing Subject that the good for which the idea application is submitted is in the availability of the Local Authority as per Legislative Decree n. 267/2000 and subsequent implementations or modifications (Metropolitan Cities, Provinces, Municipalities also in the association forms governed by the aforementioned Legislative Decree No. 267/2000 and subsequent implementations or modifications) or cadastral survey.
Opportunity expired

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For further information

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Sezione Formazione Professionale Valorizzazione Territoriale

Director responsible for the proceedings

Filomena Delle Foglie

Sezione Formazione Professionale 0805404315

Sezione Formazione Professionale

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Sezione Formazione Professionale

Sezione Formazione Professionale

Any clarifications on the public notice can be requested from the Territorial Enhancement Section at the Information Desk available to the public every Thursday from 09.30 to 12.30, or by sending an email to