Interventions for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of water bodies - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 6.4

Interventions for the maintenance and improvement of the quality of water bodies

Examples of activities that are intended to be carried out are the following:

  • Support for the introduction of innovative measures in the field of water saving, purification for the containment of pollutant loads, rehabilitation of degraded water bodies through an ecosystem approach (action by Programme Agreement 6.4.1)

These are tools for the promotion and encouragement of the proper management of water resources for the better protection of water bodies, including through the development of innovative technologies or measures. 

It is about:

  • the test and introduction of innovative technologies and measures in the management of water services and the protection of water bodies;
  • the optimisation of domestic water consumption;
  • the implementation of appropriate treatment systems for the discharge of rainwater from runoff and first rain;
  • the implementation of purification technologies with low environmental impact;
  • the drafting and implementation of Management Plans for the implementation of the re-use of recovered wastewater for all permitted uses;
  • the encouragement, also through tariff reductions, of the use of treated and refined wastewater for irrigation or environmental purposes.
  • Integration and strengthening of information systems for monitoring water resources (action by Programme Agreement 6.4.2)

Specifically, it is intended to intervene to ensure the improvement of the information system and monitoring of the qualitative and quantitative status of water, in accordance with WPP and in implementation of Legislative Decree no. 152/2006 and Directives 2000/60/EC, 91/676/EEC, 2008/56/EC.

The following types of intervention may be implemented under this action:

  • monitoring of surface and groundwater bodies (Monitoring, Operational and Investigation) and monitoring of water for a specific destination;
  • monitoring of nitrate vulnerable zones of agricultural origin, subject to specific surveillance;
  • monitoring of areas affected by the spillage of oil vegetation water, subject to specific surveillance;
  • qualitative and quantitative monitoring of the pollutant load entering the purification plants;
  • development of an information system for the collection, management and dissemination of data and information on the state of water quality;
  • development of the state of knowledge of marine waters for the continuous assessment of their environmental status, in implementation of the Marine Strategy Directive;
  • monitoring the implementation and updating of the Water Protection Plan and its transposition into the Territorial Information System.
  • Infrastructure for the pre-treatment, storage and reuse of purified waste water (action by Programme Agreement 6.4.3)

This is the implementation of infrastructure measures, in accordance with the Water Protection Plan, aimed both at achieving the objectives of quality of the watercourses which maintain the biodiversity conditions of the habitats of the Natura 2000 sites, through the launch of the exercise of the recovery and reuse systems for purified urban waste water. Specifically:

  • adaptation of wastewater treatment plants to a level of treatment aimed at reuse in accordance with the R. R. (Regional Regulation) no. 8/12;
  • measures to collect treated waste water from distribution networks and/or environmental recovery areas;
  • artificial or natural accumulation interventions aimed at irrigating and/or environmental recovery;
  • work on the re-functionalisation of existing irrigation networks in accordance with R. R. no. 8/12.
  • Infrastructure for the conveyance and storage of rainwater (action by Programme Agreement (6.4.4).

Under this action it is intended to promote interventions of:

  • realization and/or adaptation of the final addresses of white sewer in compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree I 52/06 and subsequent amendments and additions, the Plan of Hydrogeological Structure (PHS), from the Water Protection Plan of the R. R. n. 26/13;
  • creation of hydraulic infrastructures for the separation of black and white water;
  • completion of rainwater sewage schemes in built-up areas;
  • definition and implementation of supra-communal water schemes for the collection of white sewer networks, where necessary to facilitate the recovery and reuse of rainwater.

These interventions are consistent with and complementary to those programmed in Axis V, relating to:

  • extraordinary maintenance of the hydraulic network, of the drainage and water lifting networks, flood rolling and slope stabilization using mainly green infrastructures and naturalistic engineering techniques;
  • integration and development of prevention systems, also through interoperable early warning mechanisms and networks.

Interventions in Natura 2000 areas will take into account the guidelines set out in the document (“Economic Benefits of Natura 2000 Network that explains the role of Natura 2000 in connection with water purification and supply”).

The Apulia Region is also active in the Partnership for Innovation in the field of Water, so for the implementation of the planned interventions will be able to refer to the results of the work of the different action groups.

The types of beneficiaries are: Apulia Region, Municipalities, Land Reclamation Consortia, Integrated Water, Service Operators, Companies, Apulia Basin Authorities, ARPA, Public Research Entities/Institutes and/or Universities, Park Entities, Managing Authorities of protected areas and sites of Community importance.

Calls and notices

Until time runs out  14/12/2017 - 30/04/2018

Interventions related to the construction of systems for the management of rainwater in residential areas