Interventions for the protection and enhancement of terrestrial and marine biodiversity - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 6.5

Interventions for the protection and enhancement of terrestrial and marine biodiversity

Examples of activities that are expected to be carried out are the actions indicated in the Prioritized Action Framework (PAF) and in the Management Plans of the Natura 2000 Network (action by Programme Agreement 6.5.A .1) including:

  • Interventions for the recovery, restoration and management of wetlands, both natural and artificial;
  • Interventions for the conservation of flora and habitats of Community interest (also in continuity with the methodologies applied in the GRASTEPP project);
  • Interventions for the conservation of priority species, in accordance with Directives 2009/147 and 92/43, present in Puglia;
  • Interventions for the management of alien species favoured by climate change;
  • Interventions to reduce the fragmentation of habitats and maintain the ecological and functional link (action by Programme Agreement 6. 5. 2), including actions on the main watercourses and blades, identified in the Ecological Network for Biodiversity of the PPTR (DGR 1435/2013), in analogy with what is indicated in the Experimental Project of the PPTR “Ecological Corridor of the Cervaro" (DGR 2159/20 I O);
  • Censuses and monitoring of the populations of seabirds and pelagic birds in order to know their distribution, consistency, conservation problems;
  • Actions of conservation and management of marine habitats (posidoniatis and coralligenous) and actions of conservation and reduction of the anthropic disturbance along the beaches (Fratino, Caretta caretta, etc.)
  • Regional monitoring programme of the Natura 2000 network on habitats and species to be implemented for at least three years.

Operational costs for routine maintenance will not be financed under the operational programme.

The types of beneficiaries are as follows: Apulia Region, Public Bodies and Administrations, Managing Bodies of protected areas.


Calls and notices

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Interventi per la tutela e valorizzazione della biodiversità terrestre e marina