Interventions aimed at the implementation or extension and/or adaptation of municipal waste collection centers

When to participate

from 29/08/2019 to 28/02/2020
Opportunity expired

Through the Public notice for the construction, extension or adaptation of municipal waste collection centers, the Puglia Region supports the Public Administrations in completing the regional network of municipal collection centers.

The initiative aims to promote the development of better models and tools, designed to support the increase in separate collection rates, through the reorganization of the collection service, as well as the prevention and reduction of waste production, in order to drastically limit the quantities of waste to be sent to landfill disposal.


Who can participate

Municipal administrations of the Apulian territory


What finances

  • Type A - construction of a new municipal waste collection center (€ 380,000)
  • Type B - extension and/or regulatory adaptation of an existing municipal collection center (230,000 euros)

In the event that an area dedicated to the prevention of waste production is integrated into the municipal collection center that is the subject of the project proposal, a further contribution of up to 70,000 euros will be allocated to cover the eligible expenses connected with its construction.


Maximum contribution for projects
Up to 380.000 €
Total available resources
16.000.000 €

How to participate

The request for financing must be presented may be submitted in one of the following ways:

a) Certified Electronic Mail (PEC) at the address;
b) registered mail addressed to the Puglia Region - Section on Waste Cycles and Reclamation - Via Gentile, 52 - 70126 Bari;
c) hand delivery from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Protocol Office of the Puglia Region Section - Waste Cycle and Remediation Section - Via Gentile, 52 - 70126 Bari.

Whatever the method chosen for the presentation of the candidacy, the subject POR PUGLIA 2014-2020 - Asse VI, Azione 6.1 - Avviso pubblico per la selezione di interventi finalizzati alla realizzazione e/o l’adeguamento di centri comunali di raccolta rifiuti differenziati – TIPOLOGIA … (indicare A o B).

The application for financing, prepared in accordance with the model indicated in Annex A and signed by the Legal representative of the proposing party, must be accompanied by the following documentation: a) the technical data sheet of the intervention (prepared according to the model indicated in Annex A1), containing information on the project proposal, in particular those concerning a description of the intervention with reference to the type (see paragraph 2.1) and the technical characteristics requests (see paragraph 2.2), the level of design, the total amount of the economic framework of the project (including the cost items related to any area dedicated to the prevention of waste production), the schedule of activities to be carried out, the management methods envisaged upon completion of the construction phase; b) documentation proving the full availability of the area in which the project object of the project will be implemented; c) minimum design level consisting of the "technical and economic feasibility project" drafted pursuant to Legislative Decree 50/2016 and subsequent amendments; in the event that it is intended to propose a level of design equal to the final or executive project, the same must be accompanied, in addition to, where appropriate, by the relevant validation report (pursuant to Article 26 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 and, also from the shape file identifying the work layout in WGS84 geographical coordinates (33Nord-ETRS89); d) provision for approval of the documentation referred to in point c) above; e) documentation proving the sharing / participation activity referred to in paragraph 3.2 of this Notice, carried out with the Economic and Social Partnership (by way of example: minutes of the meeting, press review, photographic report, etc.); f) (if any) in the case of co-participation with additional resources, pursuant to paragraph 2.3 of this Notice, administrative-accounting documentation relating to the allocation to cover these resources, from which it is deduced that they contribute to the achievement of the total cost of the intervention and are quantified in the items foreseen in the economic framework of the project.


Opportunity expired

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