Interventions to promote research and higher education - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 10.4

Interventions to promote research and higher education

Under RA 10. 5, and under the above mentioned Lines 10. 3 and 10. 4, the following actions have been indicatively selected from those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

Line 10.3

  • Action: 10. 5. 1 Actions of linking schools with higher or equivalent education institutions for preparatory guidance courses for enrolment in higher or equivalent education, in relation to the needs of the world of work;
  • Action: 10. 5. 3 Reinforcing of the higher technical colleges (ITS) paths, strengthening their integration with the needs expressed by the productive fabric;
  • Action: 10. 5. 14 Studies and research to facilitate the determination of the skills needs of companies and the comparison of the skills acquired by first level graduates (or equivalent).

Line 10.3

  • Action: 10. 5. 2 Scholarships and support actions in favour of capable and deserving students without means and promotion of merit among the students, including students with disabilities;
  • Action: 10. 5. 5 Interventions to improve the training offer with attention to transversal skills and the usability of teaching for students with particular difficulties, including the development of supplementary teaching materials and tutoring actions;
  • Action: 10. 5. 6 Interventions for the internationalization of training courses and for the international attractiveness of institutions of higher education or equivalent, with particular attention to the promotion of doctoral courses in national and international networks, as well as consistent with the strategic guidelines of the National Research Plan;
  • Action: 10. 5. 9 Actions for the improvement of courses of study in disciplinary areas of particular national and European interest, also aimed at the development of specific skills in the field of scientific research also aimed at participating in the development of innovative research;
  • Action: 10. 5. 11 Actions to strengthen university or equivalent education pathways, such as guidance, traineeships, work experience and national and transnational mobility actions, aimed at promoting the link between higher education and the production system;
  • Action: 10. 5. 12 Actions for the strengthening of university or equivalent post-graduate education courses, aimed at promoting the link between tertiary education, the production system, research institutes, with particular reference to doctorates, in collaboration with companies and/or research bodies in scientific fields consistent with the strategic lines of the PNR (National Research Programme) and regional Smart Specialisation.

With reference to the actions of Line 10.3, the Region intends to invest in the guidance of students, to accompany them in the most appropriate choices for the transition from secondary to tertiary education levels. In this context, actions that allow an effective dialogue between schools and universities in Puglia will be promoted. The aim is to support high school students in their choice of university courses, taking particular account of their sustainability as regards their individual characteristics and the link between education and the labour market. In this perspective, in addition to schools and universities, job centres, interested trade associations, social enterprises, etc. may also be involved in the guidance actions.

The Region will also focus on strengthening the supply of higher technical colleges (ITS), encouraging the development of schools with high technological specialization, suitable to meet the demand of companies for new and high technical and technological skills. To this end, we will focus on the sectors that are most sustainable for the Region, supporting the vocations of the territory that have emerged in recent years - such as the aeronautics, food farming and mechatronics sectors - and also aiming to anticipate the processes of change.

The operations will be aimed at strengthening human capital by pursuing the objective of training technicians - with training comparable to higher education (non-university tertiary education) - in technological areas strategic for economic development and competitiveness. The interventions will also be aimed, for the same characteristics of the proposed paths, to encourage networking between schools, training institutions, businesses, universities, research centres and local authorities.

Particular attention will be paid to young women in order to guide them in the choice of university and/or technical-scientific training courses. Finally, in order to promote knowledge on the part of the Region, which is engaged in the implementation of education and training policies, research and study activities will be carried out to identify and identify the framework of the training and higher technical education needs of enterprises in the area.

With reference to the actions of Line 10.4, the Region aims to encourage the permanence in the path of university studies of the most deserving, capable and coming from families with lower incomes, through the promotion of scholarships, recognition of merit, etc.

In addition, the choice to invest in learning and exchange experiences abroad, through the financing of sustainable study paths in foreign countries is confirmed. In particular, the Region, in synergy with the Erasmus + Programme, intends to promote study experiences abroad in the penultimate year of university education, also with the aim of preparing the student for the transition to the labour market and the acquisition of advanced language skills, which can be spent after graduation.

Finally, the Region, in synergy with Axis 1, will invest in research through the continuation of the experiences started in recent years, which have aimed at encouraging research in areas of potential interest to the Region. Post-graduate initiatives (doctorates, research grants, etc.) will also be promoted, aimed at promoting the link between tertiary education and the regional production system.

Moreover, always with a view to a single programming, in line with Axis “Supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy in all sectors" and Axis 6 “Protection of the environment and promotion of natural and cultural resources", the Region will promote post-graduate courses (Master, PhD, etc.), to be carried out possibly abroad, in sectors related to the green economy such as, biotechnology, renewable energy, Smart Grid, etc.

Possible courses may concern the figure of the Energy Manager, the Renewable Energy Planner, the Landscape Architect, the Administrator of the territory, etc.

Main target groups
Students of higher education institutions or equivalent; teachers and researchers; Students with upper secondary school diploma; Apprentices
ex art. 5, D . Legislative Decree 167/2011.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region, Secondary schools; Universities, enterprises, foundations, training bodies, bilateral bodies; accredited employment services, local bodies, public bodies and private bodies.

Reference territories: Apulia Region.

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