ROP Puglia 2014-2020

In the preparation of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP), the Apulia Region has chosen to achieve a strong integration between the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) by defining a Multifund Programme.

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In the preparation of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP), the Apulia Region has chosen to achieve a strong integration between the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF) by defining a Multifund Programme.

The strategy of the ROP ERDF 2014-2020 of the Apulia Region aimed to ensure continuity with the actions implemented under the 2007-2013 Programme, identifying three macro-areas of intervention aligned with the objectives of Europe 2020. In addition, there are policies to strengthen administrative capacity.



  • Research and innovation policies whose objective is to develop programmes and interventions in the field of industrial research and innovation, based on the paradigms of open innovation; to strengthen the regional digital system (starting from the reduction of the digital divide) and to expand the conditions for strengthening the competitiveness of the Apulian economic and entrepreneurial fabric, also with a view to internationalization. 

  • Context policies (infrastructure and environment) aimed at improving conditions with regard to energy efficiency, securing the territory, protecting and enhancing cultural and environmental resources, promoting sustainable transport systems. This is also in the direction of promoting sustainable urban development, starting from the peripheral contexts that need adequate requalification interventions. 

  • Labour market, social inclusion and welfare policies aimed at increasing the supply of labour through measures to encourage employment and broaden participation in the labour market. In addition, there are specific measures aimed at reducing poverty and combating social exclusion, as well as measures to improve school and training skills. 

  • Policies for strengthening administrative capacity aimed at strengthening skills (responsibilities and organisational models), reducing bureaucratic burdens (simplification), increasing transparency and using shared modes of intervention. 

Two new elements introduced by Puglia in its Operational Programme are the definition of a Regional Strategy for Intelligent Specialisation (composed of two documents "SmartPuglia 2020" and "Puglia2020 Digital Agenda") and Plans for Administrative Reinforcement (PRA).

Acknowledgement of the European Commission's Implementing Decision C(2018) 7150 of 23/10/2018 - Deliberation of the Regional Council n. 2029 of 15/112018 

Taking note of the European Commission Implementing Decision C(2017) 6239 of 14/09/2017 - Deliberation of the Regional Council n. 14822 of 8/09/2017

In line with the requests of the European Commission, the Apulia Region has launched the Plans for Administrative Reinforcement (PRA) aimed at enhancing and strengthening the existing competences of the Authority. It is a tool for improving the management of its policies, Community funds and the functioning of the administrations linked to them. The main priorities of administrative strengthening will be the involvement of staff directly involved in the implementation of the Programme and of the institutional and socio-economic partnership; the streamlining of authorisation procedures and the improvement of the technical and design capacities of external beneficiaries.

Financial instruments are defined in Regulation (EU) No 966/2012 as “Union financial support measures provided as a complement to the budget in order to achieve one or more specific strategic objectives of the Union. Such instruments may take the form of equity or quasi-equity investments, loans or guarantees, or other risk-sharing instruments, and may, where appropriate, be associated with grants”. 

For the 2014-2020 programming period, the financial instruments are governed by Regulation (EU) No 1303/2013 which contains a specific section (Title IV - Articles 37 to 46), referring, for more detailed rules, to subsequent delegated and implementing regulations. 

The Apulia Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020 (CCI2014IT16M2OP002), approved by European Commission Decision C(2015)5854, aimed at giving continuity to the financial instruments already activated during the 2007/2013 Programme both in the form of direct and portfolio guarantees and in the form of risk loan sharing.
The Apulia Region has appointed Puglia Sviluppo S.p.A., intermediate body of the ROP 2014-2020, to carry out the ex-ante evaluation provided for by art. 37(2) of Regulation (EU) 1303/2013 with regard to aid schemes, also with the help of scientific bodies, companies, external professionals, in compliance with the current legislation on public procurement.