Axis II - Improving access to, use and quality of ICTs - POR Puglia 2014-2020

II axis

Priority Axis II - Improving access, use and quality of ICTs

Regional policies for the sustainable development of the territory consider ICT as a fundamental element and priority lever for regional social and economic growth. In particular, it is believed that ICTs are able to trigger a decisive and positive growth process that, starting from objectives in the digital environment, is transversal to any public policy aimed at improving the quality of life of Apulian citizens. 

Therefore, in line with the European Digital Agenda, with the current national regulatory framework, as well as with what is already deployed in Apulia, and with particular reference to the objectives of the regional strategy of intelligent specialisation also set out in the Puglia2020 Agenda, the aim is to strengthen the regional digital system through an even stronger integration between qualified infrastructures, services and digital content with high added value that can ensure both citizenship, digital competence and inclusion and digital growth in terms of the economy of knowledge and creativity and the creation of favourable conditions for the development of new businesses

Specific objectives

  • Reduce digital divides in territories and spread of ultra-broadband connectivity (RA 2.1) 
  • Digitise administrative processes and disseminate fully interoperable digital services (RA 2.2) 
  • Boosting the demand for ICTs from citizens and businesses in terms of use of online services, digital inclusion and online participation (RA 2.3)