Axis VIII - Promoting the sustainability and quality of employment and support occupational mobility - POR Puglia 2014-2020

VIII axis

Priority Axis VIII - Promoting the sustainability and quality of employment and support occupational mobility

The regional strategy for the period 2014-2020 is primarily aimed at increasing, in qualitative and quantitative terms, the supply of employment through measures aimed to encourage stable and long-term employment and the stabilisation of precarious employment. These actions are taken with a view to meeting the objective of work as a “right of citizenship", to implementing active policy measures that encourage the creation of new businesses and entrepreneurship, to promoting measures to support the matching of supply and demand within the labour market. In addition, the strategy tends to strengthen the supply of qualified employment through policies for the development of skills and human capital. 

These measures are complementary to those aimed at increasing the competitiveness of businesses, enhancing the growth capacity of the production system. For this purpose, increased investments in R&D and the improvement of infrastructure and external economies are also expected. The regional strategy, therefore, is based on the principle, repeatedly mentioned and underlined in the partnership discussion, of a strong integration of the Funds and the Thematic Objectives provided by the General Regulation.

Particular importance will also be attached to the aid system and access to credit, including through financial engineering instruments, aimed at relaunching the economy and, in this way, the labour market. Complementarity can also be found with regard to measures relating to education and lifelong learning, in order to promote the growth of knowledge and skills, and the adaptability and employability of workers and those related to active inclusion.

Specific objectives

  • To increase the employment of immigrants (RA 8.4)
  • To promote the integration into employment and employment of the long-term unemployed and those with the greatest difficulty in finding work, as well as support for people at risk of long-term unemployment (RA 8.5) 
  • To boost the employment of young people (RA 8.1)
  • To increase female employment (RA 8.2) 
  • To encourage the permanence at work and the relocation of workers involved in crisis situations (RA 8.6) 
  • To improve the effectiveness and quality of services at work (RA 8.7) 

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