Axis V - Adaptation to climate change, risk prevention and management - POR Puglia 2014-2020

V axis

Priority Axis V - Adaptation to climate change, risk prevention and management

The strategy of the Axis corresponding to the TO V concerns first of all the interventions of safety of that part of the territory characterized by hydraulic and hydrogeological risk, as well as of erosion of the coasts (the coastal strip extends for about 985 km and consists of 29% of sandy beaches, 31% of low rocky coasts, 22% of high cliffs, and 9% of anthropized stretches; the phenomenon of erosion concerns both the stretches of high coast attacked by the waves that threaten the collapse of cliffs even in urbanized areas, and the stretches of sandy coast affected by the constant retreat of the shoreline that also damages the activities of bathing and tourism-hotels).

In accordance with the new Territorial Landscape Plan and the Hydrogeological Plan, as well as with the Programme Agreement for the mitigation of hydrogeological risk, the Region intervenes with the support of the Union to reduce the danger of harmful events, in particular landslides and floods, through the financing of interventions in areas with the highest risk levels and to combat the phenomenon of coastal erosion, in order to secure and rehabilitate the territory. A second macro type of intervention concerns the safety of buildings located in areas at risk of earthquakes, also in relation to strategic public buildings intended for functional and operational centers, as well as the development of systems for seismic prevention and natural disasters

Specific objectives

  • To reduce the risk of hydrogeological and coastal erosion (RA 5.1) 
  • To reduce the fire risk and seismic risk on the regional territory (RA 5.3) 

Calls and notices

Until time runs out  03/07/2020 - 24/08/2020

Selezione di proposte progettuali volte all'implementazione dei piani comunali funzionali alla previsione, prevenzione e contrasto del rischio idraulico ed idrogeologico