Axis XIII - Technical support - POR Puglia 2014-2020

XIII axis

Priority Axis XIII - Technical Support

In the presence of an Operational Programme articulated from the point of view of the multiple types of intervention lines foreseen, as well as from the multi-fund character, the actions of Technical Assistance will reside in providing an essential contribution to the improvement of the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the financed interventions, as well as of the procedures of verification and control of the same.

This assistance concerns both the authorities directly involved in the management and control and the administrative structures directly responsible for the implementation of the operations eligible for funding. 

Specific objectives

  • To improve the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of the operations financed, as well as their monitoring and control.

Carrying out activities relating to the closure of the 2007-2013 programming cycle; 
Carrying out programme planning and management activities through the correct exercise of the functions of guidance, coordination, verification and control by the Managing Authority, ensuring the full operation of the telematic exchange of information made mandatory by Regulation 1303/2013; 
Technical-specialist support to the Managing Authority and to the other actors involved in the implementation of the programme on certain specific issues, to ensure the validity of the interventions; 
Preparation and management of the programme's surveillance system, monitoring of interventions, evaluation of their effects on the regional territory, verification and control of the results achieved; 
Participation of the institutional and social partnership, in the most effective forms to strengthen its role in accordance with the Code of Conduct, in the implementation and monitoring of EaP interventions; 
Adoption of an Information and Publicity Plan, towards the potential beneficiaries of the OP initiatives as well as all interested parties and the public opinion.