Lifelong learning interventions - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 10.5

Lifelong learning interventions

Under RA 10. 3, and under the above mentioned Line 10. 5, the following actions have been indicatively selected from those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

  • Action: 10. 3. 1 Pathways for adults (in particular for disadvantaged, illiterate people returning, the unemployed and the unemployed) aimed at the recovery of basic education, the attainment of a vocational qualification/diploma or vocational qualification and the upgrading of skills with particular reference to ICT.
  • Action 10. 3. 2 Training actions aimed at promoting active ageing (specific target e.g. over 45, 55).

These are actions dedicated to the adult population and aimed at adapting skills both with a view to an easier stay in the labour market, with particular reference to training in the most innovative sectors (green economy, ICT, etc.), both with a view to fostering active citizenship, promoting the acquisition of digital skills, language, etc.

As regards more specifically the green economy and the blue economy, the Region, in synergy with Axis 4 and Axis 6, will promote initiatives aimed at qualifying/requalifying subjects at risk in the “green" sectors. This will be possible for example through training courses, also integrated, for Energy Certification, Photovoltaic Systems Technician, Waste Collection and Disposal Technician, Toxic Industrial Products Recycling Technician, Eco auditor, experts in Ecotourism, Environmental Assessment Technician, etc.

The Region within this type of intervention will be able to intervene, in synergy with the actions of Axis 8, even for unemployed, inactive or disadvantaged people, through targeted training that foster the reintegration into employment or allows the acquisition of skills necessary to improve the condition on the labour market of stakeholders.

Main target groups: workers over 30; unemployed, inactive, disadvantaged people engaged in study and/or training activities.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region, Companies, Training Organisms, Patronage, Bilateral Bodies, Local Authorities, Public and Private Undertakings.

Reference territories: Apulia Region.

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