Admission to funding of measures for the pre-treatment, storage and reuse of purified waste water

The Apulia Region has long been committed, among other things, in the activation of all initiatives, both regulatory and infrastructural, aimed at pursuing irrigation practices for the reuse in agriculture of wastewater from civil purifiers and managed by the Managing Authority of the Integrated Water Service - Acquedotto Pugliese spa, through the implementation of the measures of the Water Protection Plan (PTA), aimed at ensuring the achievement or maintenance of quality objectives for water bodies and for the protection of the quality and quantity of the same, as well as through the actions already undertaken with the last Community Programme 2007/2013 under the RD no. 1774/2011 under the ERDF OP 2007/2013 - Action 2. 1. 2 in implementation of the Regional Regulation n. 8 of 18. 4. 2012 on “Rules and measures for the reuse of purified waste-water”.