ARTI - Regional Observatory of Education and Training Systems in Apulia

In order to promote synergies and institutional links, as well as to activate a role of regional guidance and coordination in areas of intervention common to educational issues, as well as to ensure support for regional planning activities, the Apulian Regional Council, with resolution no. 1364 of 15/06/2011, published in BURP no. 102 of 29/06/2011, established the Regional Observatory of Education and Training Systems in Puglia.

The Observatory makes it possible to acquire cognitive tools useful to govern the processes of education and training, to intervene on the related critical issues, to monitor the dynamics arising from school and training courses, to detect and identify on the territory the framework of training needs and higher technical education needed by businesses also through:

- the activation of a permanent monitoring mechanism extended to the overall panorama of the regional training offer, in order to have systematic and constantly updated information on all the courses activated in the Region, the number of students enrolled, the qualification obtained as well as the repercussions in terms of strengthening skills and increasing conditions of employability;

- the preparation and supply of a system of continuous analysis of skills needs in order to make the regional training offer increasingly coherent and integrated with the needs of the production system and the labour market through sample surveys and sector studies;

- the definition of appropriate and innovative training tools/models consistent with the changes in economic systems and their implementation on an experimental basis.