Action 1.7

Interventions to support the research infrastructures of the Regional system (action by Programme Agreement 1. 5. 1)

The aim of the action is to stimulate the use and development of Regional research infrastructures in a way that is synergistic and complementary with National and European plans, i.e. to provide the following examples of activities:

  • to stimulate the development of new technologies of cross-cutting interest to several thematic areas, to encourage the emergence of spin-offs and the transfer of new technological solutions to SMEs;
  • to provide scientific and technical support to the production and research systems in order to gain access to pan-European infrastructures, including through the promotion of partnerships for research and innovation within European programmes;
  • to support their modernisation and the appropriate standards of scientific quality and rigour, as well as international cooperation in the context of European research and innovation policies for full integration into pan-European networks of infrastructures within the European Research Area.

This action will have the areas of productive specialization and the KETs as perimeter.

The main beneficiaries of the action are: research infrastructures, private research laboratories, enterprises, research organisations and public-private partnerships.