Measures to strengthen basic skills - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 10.2

Measures to strengthen basic skills

Within RA I 0. 2, and within the above mentioned Line I 0. 2, the following actions have been indicatively selected, among those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

  • Action 10. 2. 1 Specific actions for kindergarten (languages and multimedia creative expression-body expression);
  • Action 10. 2. 2: Actions of integration and strengthening of the basic disciplinary areas (Italian language, foreign languages, mathematics, sciences. . . ), new technologies and new languages) with particular reference to the first and second cycles and also through online paths;
  • Action 10. 2. 3: Actions for the internationalisation of education systems and mobility (language learning pathways in other countries, actions of linguistic and CLIL development), also to strengthen and complementarity with the Erasmus + Programme.

Through the above actions, it is intended to invest in operations to strengthen basic skills (reading/understanding, mathematics/logic and science) of pupils in schools of all levels, with particular attention to the weakest target groups (pupils with disabilities, pupils from families with low income, multi-problematic, etc.). The actions will also be aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of the school system as a whole, with the objective of reducing abandonment and failure rates through this channel and of strengthening support measures for children and their families in order to counteract school discomfort. The focus will be on strengthening teaching hours and staffing, also in order to support the opening of the Schools beyond the canonical hours. These are interventions already tested by the Apulia Region during the 2007/13 Programme, with positive results, especially with regard to the positioning of Apulian students in the OECD-PISA rankings.

Other operations that may be implemented, always in continuity with what was achieved in the 2007/13 programming with favourable results, concern interventions for the strengthening of language skills, through learning pathways or language strengthening in others countries. You can promote the stay abroad (mainly European countries) for intensive courses of English, French, German, etc. to implement as part of or in addition to the School Training Plans, secondary and lower-secondary school students, with the aim of increasing their language skills and exchange experiences, also with a view to raising the attractiveness of the school system.

Main target groups: Disadvantaged people engaged in study and/or training activities; Secondary and high school students.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region, Educational institutions, Training organisations, Public and private bodies, local authorities, public bodies and private bodies.

Reference territories: Apulia Region.

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