Actions to facilitate the transition between education and the labour market - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 10.3

Actions to facilitate the transition between education and the labour market

With reference to the actions of Line 10.3, the Region intends to invest in the orientation of students, to accompany them in the most appropriate choices for the transition from secondary education levels to tertiary education levels. In this context, interventions will be promoted, which allow an effective dialogue between schools and universities in Puglia, with the aim of supporting high school students in the choice of university courses, taking into account in particular the sustainability of the same with regard to the characteristics individuals and the connection between education and the labor market. In this perspective, in addition to schools and universities, public employment agencies, interested trade associations, social enterprises, etc. may also be involved in guidance actions.

The Region will also focus on strengthening the ITS offer, favoring the development of schools with high technological specialization, suitable for responding to the demand of companies for new and high technical and technological skills. To this end, we will focus on the sectors most
sustainable for the Region, supporting the vocations of the territory established in recent years - as in the aeronautics, agri-food or mechatronic sector - and also aiming to anticipate the processes of change.

The operations will be aimed at strengthening human capital by pursuing the objective of training technicians - with training similar to high-level training (non-university tertiary training) - in strategic technological areas for economic development and competitiveness.

The interventions for the same characteristics of the proposed routes, they will also be aimed at encouraging networking among schools, training institutions, companies, universities, research centers and local authorities.
Particular attention will be paid to young women in order to direct them to the choice of university and / or training courses of a technical-scientific nature.

In order to promote knowledge by the Region that is involved in the implementation of education and training policies, research and study actions will be carried out to detect and identify on the territory the framework of training needs and higher technical education of the companies.

Main target groups: students of higher education institutions or equivalent; teachers and researchers; students with a secondary school diploma; apprentices pursuant to art. 5, Legislative Decree 167/2011.

Indicative typology of beneficiaries: region, secondary school schools; Universities, companies, foundations, training bodies, bilateral bodies; accredited work services, local authorities, public bodies and private bodies.

Action 10.3.1 Paths for adults aimed at recovering basic education, attaining a professional qualification / diploma or professional qualification and at upgrading skills with particular reference to ICT (in particular for those in a disadvantaged situation, returning illiterates, the unemployed and unemployed)

Action 10.3.2 Training actions wanted to promote active aging (specific target eg over 45/55).
These are actions dedicated to the adult population and aimed at adapting competences both in view of an easier stay in the labor market, with particular reference to training in the most innovative sectors (green economy, ITC, etc.), and in the optics to favor the
active citizenship, favoring the acquisition of digital, linguistic, etc. skills.

As regards more specifically the green economy and the blue economy, the Region, in synergy with Axis 4 and Axis 6, will promote initiatives aimed at qualifying / retraining those at risk in the "green" sectors, for example through paths training, also integrated, for Energy Certifier, Technician of photovoltaic systems, Technician of waste collection and disposal, Technical treatment for recycling toxic industrial products, Ecoauditor, Ecotourism experts, Environmental assessment technician, etc..

Within this type of intervention, the Region will be able to intervene, in synergy with the actions of Axis 8, also for unemployed, inactive or disadvantaged subjects, through targeted training that favors job reintegration or allows the acquisition of skills necessary for the purpose. to improve the labor market conditions of the interested parties.

Main target groups: workers over 30; unemployed, inactive, disadvantaged subjects engaged in study and / or training activities.

Indicative typology of beneficiaries: Region, Companies, Training Organizations, Patronages, Bilateral Bodies, Local Authorities, Public Bodies and Private Bodies.

Calls and notices

Until time runs out  19/02/2018 - 23/03/2018

OSS 2018 - Progettazione di percorsi formativi per Operatore Socio Sanitario

Until time runs out  10/10/2019 - 21/10/2019

Implementation of higher technical education training courses (ITS), aimed at obtaining the Degree of Superior Technician in Implementation of the interventions of the Framework Program Agreement (APQ) of the Internal Area of ​​the Dauni Mountains signed on 06/18/2019

Until time runs out  10/10/2019 - 21/10/2019

Implementation of higher technical education training courses (ITS), aimed at obtaining the 2019 Degree of Higher Technician

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