Interventions for the renovation of school buildings (action by Programme Agreement 10. 7. 1) - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 10.8

Interventions for the renovation of school buildings (action by Programme Agreement 10. 7. 1)

Examples of activities to be carried out concern school building, in the knowledge that school failure and early school leaving, which are affected by factors linked to the socio-economic and cultural context, can be countered through positive actions that increase the attractiveness of schools by ensuring appropriate infrastructure, innovative technologies and teaching, additional services. The Region intends to activate some lines of intervention in favour of the modernization of the existing infrastructures, which are indispensable to increase the quality of teaching and the levels of learning of key competences, in particular mathematical, scientific and linguistic ones.

These are in particular interventions by:

  • redevelopment of the Scholastic infrastructural heritage, through interventions of adaptation to the hygienic and sanitary norms and in the matter of the removal of the architectural barriers, adaptation to the norms of the existing technological systems;
  • safety and prevention and reduction of the risk connected to the vulnerability of elements, even non-structural, of the scholastic buildings (for example interventions finalized to the fire safety);
  • energy efficiency of school buildings for the promotion of energy saving and the use of solar energy in school buildings, the replacement of boilers, the modification of the roof covering, the sound and thermal insulation of buildings, the use of thermal break windows.

The types of beneficiaries are public administrations.