Increased transparency and interoperability, and access to data - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 11.1

Increased transparency and interoperability, and access to data

  • (11.1.1) Interventions aimed at developing skills to ensure quality, accessibility, usability, release, reusability of public data [also through collaborative and online methods] and promotion of targeted efforts and organizational-professional adaptations, oriented to the continuous and permanent release of data held by local public authorities;
  • (11.1.3) Improvement of organizational processes for a better integration and interoperability of information, statistical and administrative bases, primarily education, employment, social security and social services, third sector, internal and external affairs and public administration.

These operations are aimed at supporting the processes of acquisition, management and establishment of the information bases, useful to the government of the policies of the Region and of the Local Authorities. Training interventions will be financed for the operators of the interested Public Administrations, aimed at adapting their skills in the management of information flows and with the aim of improving the quality, accessibility, usability, release and reusability of public data.

Consultancy and/or system development actions could also be promoted to improve both the organisational processes of the offices managing the information bases and to ensure the integration and interoperability of systems, for example between those of Education and social policies, or between SIL and ESF monitoring, etc.

Main target groups: personnel in the public administration

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region and other public administrations

Reference territories: Apulia Region.