Action 11.4

Increase in the levels of integrity and legality in the action of the Public Administration, also for the fight against undeclared work

  • (11.5.3) Interventions for the development of organizational and management skills of those who are involved in the activities of asset management and confiscated enterprises [through pilot cases, the creation of networks at territorial level and the use of transparency regarding goods, enterprises, actors, financial resources, human capital, etc.]

The Region intends to invest in the training of those involved in the management of confiscated assets and businesses. These are both training interventions on legal issues (e. g. public procurement), and aimed at identifying and importing good practices in the management of individual cases, for example with reference to the management of seizure, reuse, etc. Ad hoc projects for the strengthening of competences in the field of transparency or for the creation of networks, at territorial level, etc., aimed at increasing the recognition and legality of the actions carried out by the PA, could be financed.

Finally, a survey will be carried out to identify the need to strengthen the competences of the various regional offices and local authorities involved, on the issue of legality, also in conjunction with other National Operational Programmes that operate on the same issue, in order to promote training for officials and operators of the PA, in legal and administrative matters.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region and other public administrations