Action 2.1

Measures to reduce digital gaps in territories and spread of ultra-wideband connectivity

The action is linked to the actions of Programme Agreement 2. 1. 1 

Examples of activities to be carried out are the following:

  • completion of next-generation access networks in cities and industrial areas, continuing the deployment of the UWB on the urban areas ensuring connectivity at least at 30 Mbps (action by Programme Agreement 2.1.1 );
  • construction of new generation access networks in major urban centres, in order to start the deployment of the BUL with reference to coverage of 50% of the resident population with ultra-broadband network 2: I 00 Mbps with particular attention to the economic benefits in access for Apulian communities of citizens and businesses (action by Programme Agreement 2.1.1 ).

The interventions related to the UWB fall within the scope of the Great National Project “Ultra-Wideband" unique intervention at the national level; the aid scheme was notified to the European Commission by MISE DG Scerp (SA. 41647). For the implementation is expected to conclude an Agreement of Programme with the MISE and an operational agreement aimed also at allowing the reporting of expenditure by the Region.

The types of beneficiaries are local authorities and businesses. For the implementation of the National GP UWB: Ministry of Economic Development.