Action 7.1

Interventions to strengthen the railway offer and improve the service

(Action by Programme Agreement 7.1.2 - Completing the strategic infrastructures relating to the national arches of the European rail corridors of the core network).

Examples of activities to be carried out include the completion of the strategic infrastructure related to the national arches of the European rail corridors of the core network.

Specifically, it is envisaged to:

Accelerate the completion of the works started with the ERDF OP 2007-2013 concerning the adaptation and upgrading of the basic lines of the Apulian railway network. Priority will be given to the completion of the major project falling under the Axis V of the 2007-2013 Programme relating to the railway upgrading of the North Bari metropolitan area.

It provides for the doubling, speeding up and upgrading of the Corato-Barletta section, with the burial of the route in the built-up area of Andria, interconnection with the Italian Railway Network (RFI) in Barletta and Bari, the re-functionalisation of some stations with related interchange services. The 2014-2020 programme phase consists of the burial in Andria and the re-functionalisation of part of the stations.

It is an intervention aimed at promoting the interconnection of networks in regional multimodal interchange nodes. The planned intervention guarantees a fundamental step in the qualitative and functional improvement of the regional railway infrastructure immediately accessible from the national connections. This action, within the same completion, includes interventions related to the promotion of unified quality standards for station modules and for the “regional single iron plan”. It also includes measures to achieve updated safety standards for rail traffic and signalling (including the elimination of level crossings), as well as traffic control systems and efficient allocation of railway capacity.

Beneficiaries: Persons holding a local public transport service contract.