Action 7.4

Interventions for the competitiveness of the port and inter-port system

(Action by Programme Agreement 7.2.2 - Strengthening port and inter-port infrastructures and equipment of regional interest, including their adaptation to the best environmental, energy and operational standards and enhancing the integration of ports with the dry port areas [global/local network infrastructures and technologies]).

Examples of activities to be carried out include the enhancement and re-functionalisation of port infrastructure (with exclusive reference to smaller ports including ports not relevant to the core network, such as Brindisi, Manfredonia, Barletta and Monopoli), dry port and inter-port. In this regard, it is necessary to finance the activities of dredging the seabed and construction of specific protection systems, aimed at mitigating the recurrence of situations of loss of draught of the ports, as well as to increase the capacity of the entire port system, to strengthen the infrastructure for access to ports, including interventions to ensure connection to major city centres and car parks, especially through infrastructure dedicated to sustainable mobility, in particular cycling and walking.

In line with the multilevel programmatic approach, for integrated logistic areas, with the support of a coordinated governance between the national and regional levels concerned, for the purposes of financial integration to the national contribution available, the interventions of adaptation to the best environmental, energy and operational standards on the port infrastructure of Taranto, towards which there is a clear regional interest will play a significant role.

In order to achieve all this, the interventions of modernization and re-functionalisation in respect of the historical sites and environmental integration, the recovery of the complete usability of the existing mooring docks and the interventions of requalification of the services and equipment to support the usability of the ports, also through the recovery of degraded areas behind the port as a place of urban quality, development, aggregation and meeting, will be encouraged.

(Action from Programme Agreement 7.2.3 - Strengthen the multimodal connections of ports and inter-ports with the global network ("last mile'') favouring a logic of unity of the system)

Examples of activities to be carried out, included in the strategy of the Integrated Logistics Area, shall comprise the strengthening of connections to ports not relevant to the core network, as well as the connection, to the main logistics hubs, of the regional network of freight transport, through the enhancement of the terminal facilities of Incoronata, Giovinazzo, Brindisi and Surbo.

Beneficiaries: Port system authorities, Apulia Region, Local authorities, public/private enterprises with exclusive rights in the management of port and logistics services, ASI and SISRI consortia.