Action 9.2

Training actions aimed at reducing the digital divide for disadvantaged people

Under RA 9. 1, and with reference to point 3 of the expected results, the following action was selected from those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

Action 9. 1. 5, which helps to break down the digital divide, as a risk factor of exclusion, for large sections of the population and specific groups of most vulnerable people, such as young people with low schooling, single women with children, adults over 55 excluded from the labour market, the elderly.

The actions envisaged aim to promote technological solutions for digital literacy and inclusion, for the acquisition of advanced skills by disadvantaged individuals and citizens, through:

a) the training of digital and computer skills in the territory (Assistive Public Access Points, Telematic Squares, co-working, e-facilitator system);

b) Communication and literacy pathways.