ADISU Scholarships

In the Italian legal system, the right to study is based on Article 34 of the Constitution, which affirms the right of capable and deserving students, even if without financial means, to reach the highest levels of education, as well as the Republic's duty to make this right effective with scholarships, family allowances and other benefits to be awarded through competition.

With Regional Law no. 18/2007, the Apulia Region defines the rules on the right to university studies, in implementation of article no. 34 of the Constitution and in compliance with the Statute of the Apulia Region, aimed at removing the economic and social obstacles that limit the equality of citizens in access to higher education and, in particular, to allow capable and deserving citizens, even if without means, to reach the highest levels of education.

The Apulia Region intends to invest in the growth process of schooling, especially university and equivalent, considering it functional to combat the phenomenon of precariousness and youth unemployment.