Improving the efficiency and quality of the performance of the judicial system - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 11.3

Improving the efficiency and quality of the performance of the judicial system

  • (11.4.1) Actions to improve the efficiency and performance of judicial offices [through technological innovation, organizational support to the computerization and telematization of judicial offices, dissemination of specific innovations made with the project ‚ÄúDissemination of Best Practices"; and support to the activation of change management interventions].

In continuity with what has been carried out in the framework of the interregional project of Judicial Offices, in the framework of the 2007/2013 ESF programme, examples of activities to be carried out will concern empowerment and training of judicial office operators, connected to the processes of technological innovation and computerization in progress. This is in order to increase the levels of efficiency of the system and to ensure the accompaniment of the processes of reform and innovation. In the implementation of the interventions will be promoted operations to strengthen the skills of the staff of some judicial offices in different cities of the Region, taking care that they are complementary and not overlapping, both with regard to the offices concerned, and with regard to the subject of the interventions themselves, to those that will be promoted at national level (NOP).

To this end, the work areas necessary to ensure the ROP/NOP interaction will be promoted, as better described in the description of the Achievements that Member States intend to achieve with EU support for OS11.6 and as also specified in section 4.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region and other public administrations.