Interventions of integrated water service of water bought

In the last decade, the Apulia Region, together with the Apulian Aqueduct, has launched a series of investments aimed at containing losses and improving the efficiency of network management. In particular, in addition to the active control of losses and activities connected to the remote control of supply networks, already carried out on most of the managed networks, financial resources were committed for the rehabilitation of the internal networks of the settlements. These ones witnessed the radical change in the approach of water distribution with the start of the districtualization and control of the supply, and the simultaneous strengthening of water resources in the area of accumulation and large supply.
In order to give continuity both to the actions already undertaken with the last Community programming under line 2.2 of the ERDF OP 2007/2013 and to the achievement of the thematic objectives of the Partnership Agreement (PA), the Apulian Regional Council, with its resolution no. 1735 of 06/10/2015, in approving the Opera vo ROP PUGLIA 2014-2020 Programme under Commission Implementing Decision C(2015) 5854 of 13/08/2015, has established the chapters of expenditure for the ROP 2014-2020 actions.