Interventions for the competitive repositioning of tourist destinations

By Resolution no. 2421/2015 (BURP no. 6/2016), the Regional Council approved the implementation of good practices in the tourism sector useful for the launch of the new ERDF 2014-2020 programming, for the definition of the three-year tourism promotion plan of subsequent issuance and for the continuation of the activities of the Regional Agency Pugliapromozione.

The same resolution highlighted the need to initiate measures to strengthen the quality tourist destination for which it is necessary to reposition the Puglia brand, promoting the full involvement of the productive fabric, the strengthening of district economies (tourism/recreation), the development of product clubs, the generation of new entrepreneurship, the formation of public-private partnerships, the creation of platforms (hubs) for the comparison of operators, also through the structuring of networks and platforms for data exchange (open data) with an open tourism observatory and a venue for the participation and comparison of all and the representatives of the category, operators in the sector and stakeholders.