Interventions related to the construction of systems for the management of rainwater in residential areas

When to participate

from 14/12/2017 to 30/04/2018
Opportunity expired

With the Public Notice for the construction of rainwater management systems in residential areas, the Puglia Region intends to protect water resources to ensure the balance between natural availability and community needs.

The initiative also aims to monitor the quantity and quality of water resources, protect water bodies through actions aimed at the treatment and reuse of water resources, guaranteeing the maintenance of the water balance through functional processes and infiltration of rainwater.

Who can participate

Amministrazioni comunali in forma singola

What finances

  • Tipologia I - Completamento degli schemi di fognatura pluviale nei centri abitati
  • Tipologia II - Realizzazione e adeguamento dei recapiti finali di fogna bianca
Maximum contribution for projects
1.500.000 €
Total available resources
30.000.000 €

How to participate

Opportunity expired
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Condividi linkedin whatsapp

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