Interventions aimed at immigrants - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 8.1

Interventions aimed at immigrants

Within the framework of RA 8.4, and of the above-mentioned Line 8.1, the following actions have been indicatively selected, among those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

Action: 8.4.2 Actions for the enhancement and strengthening of skills, also for the recognition of qualifications acquired in the country of origin.

Action: 8.4.3 Pathways of support (accompanying services and/or incentives) for business creation and self-employment, including business transfer (generational turnover).

This type of action aims to promote training activities for migrants, also in order to better support their integration into the labour market and to develop their professional skills through vocational retraining programmes, encouraging employers to support actions that provide work experience, and develop language and regulatory education programmes at the workplace.

The establishment of specific activities of intercultural mediation, integrated into projects of active social inclusion in order to facilitate the relations with immigrant citizens, with the aim of promoting mutual understanding and fostering a positive relationship between them.

It will also aim to encourage the creation of business of migrant citizens with the aim of promoting the development of self-employment and the possibility of introducing integration experiences based on the sharing of new cultures and activities.

Indicatively, there will be actions of:

  • Work orientation, aimed at offering assistance in the search for a training, work and professional path suitable for their own needs experience, skills and abilities;
  • Training for the acquisition of qualifications;
  • Training for cultural and linguistic integration;
  • Cultural and linguistic intermediation;
  • Establishment of "Immigrant counters" to provide services for:

- Tax and social security consultancy

- Financial consultancy: relating to the economic aspects of the                 integration of immigrants, such as:

  • Microcredit and specific financial needs of immigrants.
  • Business creation area.
  • Legal advice.
  • Integration at work.
  • Incentives and training for the creation of business.

Indicative types of beneficiaries: Region, Enterprises, Training Organisations, Patronage, Bilateral Bodies, Local Authorities, Public Bodies and Private Bodies.

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