Interventions aimed at increasing and qualifying social, health and educational services - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 9.7

Interventions aimed at increasing and qualifying social, health and educational services

Under RA 9. 3, the following actions have been selected from those set out in the Partnership Agreement: 9. 3. 3, 9. 3. 4, 9. 3. 6 and 9. 3. 9.

This action contributes to the implementation of a strategy for the accessibility of personal services with a target-oriented approach because it is based on criteria for the selection of target groups that can give priority to the following priorities:

  • conditions of greater economic fragility
  • conditions of greater social vulnerability
  • the need to reconcile working and living times
  • synergies with the objective of increasing female employment in the area
  •  the principle of free choice of families with respect to the overall range of dedicated services on offer.

In order to promote the greatest possible accessibility to all interested households on the regional territory, the implementation of these actions is already fully supported by a digital platform for the friendly use of tools for the submission of applications for good service and for the combination of the same with the user seats available in the units of offer authorized to operate.

It should also be noted that the choice to use the tool of good service to support the demand of families and the accessibility of services is of strategic importance with respect to the homogeneous affirmation of regional standards of structural, organizational and functional quality throughout the region, in application of a regional regulatory framework now complete, and to define economic conditions for equitable and homogeneous access both with respect to public or private ownership of services, both with respect to territorial contexts, in the presence of equal quality of services themselves. These measures also have a direct impact on the emergence of employment and the black economy, on the activation of new jobs for social and health and social workers, the more stable the more stable and extensive the demand for services by families.

Finally, the action acts from the point of view of capacity building in a way that is strictly functional to the declination of the principle of full accessibility of services, and is aimed at facilitating access to information by citizens, contributing to the improvement of the overall system of knowledge of the local system:

  • actions of empowerment for the professionals involved in the implementation of new information flows for the analysis of the demand and supply of social and health services for individuals and families;
  • actions of support for the full usability of data, for example through the geo-referencing of all available data and update at least annually, for a friendly accessibility of information by citizens and a full government of the market administered services by local authorities clients;
  • development of specific research and monitoring actions with the objective of evaluating policies in terms of effectiveness (supply/demand) and efficiency (production costs and economic conditions of access).

Indicative types of beneficiaries: Individual and associated municipalities in territorial social areas in accordance with art. 5 of Regional Law no. 19/2006, Companies providing personal services, Foundations, Enterprises and social cooperatives, third sector organisations, training bodies.

Reference territories: the whole territory of the Apulia Region.

The allocation of resources available for this investment priority will be distributed on the basis of territorial fairness with respect to the principal demographic indicators and distribution of services for children and non-self-sufficiency in the day cycle already authorized for operation, on the base of the Atlas of Social, Educational and Socio-medical Structures and Services published by the Department of Welfare (as attached to this Programme document).