Interventions for the energy efficiency of public buildings - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 4.1

Interventions for the energy efficiency of public buildings

Examples of activities for the achievement of the specific objective include investment projects promoted by the Puglia Region and the public administrations on buildings and public facilities, aimed at increasing the level of energy efficiency. In accordance with the national guidelines, the interventions can combine the restructuring of buildings, both with regard to the external envelope and the equipment systems, with intelligent systems for remote control, regulation, management, monitoring and optimization of consumption. To ensure further positive effects in terms of reducing pollutant emissions, the installation of equipment for the production of energy from renewable energy sources for own consumption can be envisaged (action by Programme Agreement 4.1.1).

Admission to the financing of operations and the subsequent taxation of costs presuppose the implementation of an energy audit consistent with the regional regulations, showing the actual reduction in consumption achieved.

In addition, on the basis of a cost-benefit assessment of the actions needed to improve energy efficiency, priority will be given to the following types of actions buildings with higher consumption and energy saving potential in relation to the investment required, in order to maximise savings energy consumption. For these interventions, the Region intends, if appropriate, to use financial instruments that activate private capital and guarantee more leverage.

For interventions on public housing, the Region intends to use the instrument of subsidy, ensuring that the economic benefits of the intervention, in terms of reducing the costs of the energy bill of individual homes are aimed at covering, even partially, investment costs.

The implementation indicator chosen for this OS “Public buildings with improved energy consumption classification", borrowed from the corresponding indicator from ERDF Regulation on housing units, not appropriate to the regional context as private housing will not be the subject of intervention in the ROP Puglia, ensures the ex-post verification of the results achieved at the end of the interventions.

The types of beneficiaries are: Apulia Region, Public Administrations, Agenzie Regionali per la Casa e per l’Abitare (ARCA) former IACP.

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Energy Efficiency of Public Buildings