Interventions to strengthen public and private CPI - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 8.10

Interventions to strengthen public and private CPI

Under RA 8. 7, and under the above mentioned Line 8. 10, the following action has been indicatively selected from those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

Action: 8.7.1 Consolidation and implementation of the LEPs (basic-level of performance) and minimum standards, including through the establishment of specific taskforces

The support action provided by the ESF is intended to enable employment services, to operate in accordance with the objectives assigned to them under the European Employment Strategy, in particular, by promoting the technological and organisational conditions to ensure their consolidation, providing the system with adequate professional resources, retraining and training operators and promoting integration with other actors active at local level. Actions will be promoted to strengthen and increase the services offered, including through the recruitment of new staff or the extension of existing contracts, through the inclusion of trainers, properly trained, increasing the capacity of the system to provide quality and effective services, as well as a range of skills adapted to scientific and technological change and changes in the professions.

Moreover, through conventional acts and re-use agreements, the Apulia Region has laid the foundations for the creation of a new type of orientation counter and integrated services for youth work in Apulia, changing the model implemented by the Province of Rome with the experience of “Porta Futuro” and other European best practices (such as the experience of Porta 22 in Barcelona). A prototype intervention in this sense has been successfully tested at the institutional pavilion of the Puglia Region, during the 76th Fiera del Levante. Therefore, actions may be promoted aimed at completion of trials already under way.

In addition, in collaboration with local authorities, it is intended to activate experimental services for the guidance and work of young people, with particular reference to the unemployed who leave educational circuits of school, university and vocational training. The aim is to strengthen the integration between Bollenti Spiriti and the new regional and national actions dedicated to youth employment (youth guarantee) through newly developed services in the Commission's proposals for a new strategy for employment and social inclusion are based on the principle of subsidiarity and are designed to respond to the needs of young people, businesses and social players in the areas concerned, in close cooperation with the Employment Centres and the network of Urban Laboratories.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Public bodies, private employment services, enterprises and training bodies, bilateral bodies.