Measures for the dissemination of legality - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 9.14

Measures for the dissemination of legality

The commitment to promote a culture and practices of widespread legality in areas at greater risk of social exclusion and with a low level of legality, must be supported also by interventions of high symbolic value with respect to the re-appropriation of spaces and their functionalization for social activities, creative and cultural production, youth aggregation and integration between generations.

Examples of activities to be carried out that contribute to this specific objective are closely linked to Actions eligible for ESF funding under the same Axis and the same Specific Objective:

  • Interventions for the support of companies confiscated from the mafias for the social and economic promotion (action by Programme Agreement 9.6.1)
  • Interventions for the functional recovery and re-use of old buildings and assets confiscated from the mafias, in connection with activities of social animation and collective participation (action by Programme Agreement 9.6.6)

The actions contributing to the Specific Objective "Increasing legality in areas of high social exclusion and improving the urban fabric in areas of low legality" take the following as their main target groups:

  • Third Sector non-profit organizations;
  • non-profit associations of active citizenship;
  • local communities.

Type of beneficiaries: Individual and associated municipalities; Third Sector non-profit organisations and their networks; associations of active citizenship onlus (not-profit).

Reference territories: the whole territory of the Apulia Region.