Measures to relaunch and invest the production system - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 3.1

Measures to relaunch and invest the production system

Examples of activities to carry out are:

  • Aid for investments in machinery, plant and intangible assets and for business reorganisation and restructuring processes (action by Programme Agreement 3.1.1).

The action will make it possible to support tangible and intangible investments by small and medium-sized enterprises, either individually or in combination, including aid targeted at innovative enterprises, with a high representation of women in the company's composition, or which are owned by women.

Particular attention will be paid to investments for the qualitative growth of finished products implemented through special stations at the end of the production line or test benches for performance tests.

Investments with a measurable and positive impact on the environment will receive premiums in the form of higher ranking points or percentage increases in aid intensities.

  • Investment aid for services aimed at reducing the environmental impact of production systems or for the construction of businesses with a corporate object environment-related (action by Programme Agreement 3.1.2)

In other words, it is a support to new companies born with a mission environment-related, aimed at carrying out consultancy activities or services in favour of other subjects. It is also intended, by way of example, to energy saving in the production cycles, in the conscious use of products, in the intelligent waste management, sustainable waste handling and processing, redesigning packaging and introducing biodegradable or natural material in existing production lines, the design of systems to reduce emissions into the atmosphere or water bodies surface waters or aquifers, the measurement of pollutants, environmental remediation, corporate reorganization for environmental purposes, the elimination of substances that are harmful to human health and the environment from production cycles, as well as company training in the environmental field conducted on specific issues of interest to the individual company, the training of the company's Energy Managers, the reduction of the consumption of soil, etc…

The types of beneficiaries are: Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, newly established enterprises.