Planning of interventions in the field of Civil Protection

The Regional System of Civil Protection, as identified by Regional Law 7/2014, is composed of the Apulia Region - Civil Protection Service, Provinces and Municipalities, each of which has specific tasks, functions and responsibilities on the territory.

For the performance of civil protection activities, through the stipulation of specific agreements and /or agreements for consideration, and not, the Puglia Region and other local authorities avail themselves of the collaboration of:

- Prefectures

- National Fire Corps

- State Forestry Corps

- Corps of the Port Captaincies

- Regional Agency for Irrigation and Forestry Activities (ARIF)

- Regional Agency for Prevention and Environment (ARPA)

- Voluntary organisations included in the regional list

- Italian Red Cross

- Reclamation consortia

- Regional Health Service

- Armed forces

- Police forces

- National Alpine Cliff and Cave Rescue Corps (CNSAS) (CNSAS-CAI)

- Operator of essential public services

- Scientific research institutes and groups for civil protection purposes

- Public and/or private institutions and organisations carrying out civil protection tasks

- Professional orders and colleges


The Permanent Regional Committee for Civil Protection (art. 8, L. r. 7/2014) and the Regional Emergency Operations Committee (COREM) (art. 9, L. r. 7/2014) are also members of the Regional Civil Protection System.