Support for businesses in the cultural, tourist, creative and entertainment sectors - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 3.4

Support for businesses in the cultural, tourist, creative and entertainment sectors

Examples of activities are the following:

  • Support to the development of products and services complementary to the enhancement of identified cultural and natural attractors of the territory, also through the integration between enterprises of the cultural, tourist, creative and entertainment sectors (action by Programme Agreement 3.3.2). The interventions are intended to:

- to support the development of enterprises in the sector of integrated cultural, complementary and reception services (e. g. the application of new technologies for the enhancement and use of cultural heritage, production of multimedia teaching materials, management of complementary services at specific natural and cultural attractions, organization of guided tours on the territory, creation of integrated cultural and tourist packages, creation of events of territorial animation, offer of sustainable mobility services for the access and fruition of specific attractors, etc. , as well as their ability to operate in a network and at the service of cultural and natural attractors of the territory;
to increase the specialisation and innovative capacity of Apulian companies in the field of historical and artistic restoration, which are already very competitive on the market today by improving the technologies and equipment at their disposal, as well as their skills and design capabilities;
- to promote start-up and youth entrepreneurship actions (also in cooperative form) in the field of cultural heritage management, in order to ensure greater use and use of the best specialist skills in the area in terms of skills in the cultural heritage sector;
- to organise and promote forms of cultural volunteering to support the enjoyment of the less valued cultural heritage;
to equip spaces within the recovered heritage for the realization of events (historical reconstructions, etc.) specifically intended for tourists, promoting the emergence of youth enterprises;
to promote itineraries specifically aimed at different types of tourism (slow tourism, gourmand tourism, wine tourism, etc. ) in order to gain knowledge of the heritage of the territory and its material culture and support to young entrepreneurs for their use;
to enhance public theatrical spaces for the creation of new content, services and economic models that will help to stimulate growth and employment in the sector, as well as the quality of public supply by consolidating best practice in terms of sustainability of the project, of the established "regional network of theatrical residences";
to support the companies of the theatre/dance supply chain for the development of a business culture and the economic-social growth of the territories;
to foster the Apulian locations for film and audiovisual production by supporting Italian, European and non-European audiovisual, film and television production companies operating in Apulia. This support is directly related to the expenditure on the regional territory in order to ensure direct and indirect impacts, i.e. the integration between enterprises of the related sectors;
to support productions that enhance the natural and cultural attractions of the territory;
- to enhance the value of cinema exhibition companies and live entertainment companies, consolidating production and programming,

  • Support to processes of aggregation and integration between enterprises (e.g. networks of enterprises) in the construction of an integrated product in tourist destinations (also experimenting with innovative models, such as, for example, dynamic packaging, marketing networking, tourism information system, customer relationship management) (action by Programme Agreement 3.33).
  • Support for investments in the promotion and marketing of regional tourism products identified by target demand and market segment, carried out by business networks, consistent with the overall destination marketing strategy of Apulia through: process of recognition of the representative aggregations of the individual product chains (for example, product clubs); systems of aid to forms of aggregation with particular reference to promotional investments and innovative sales on international markets and on the most modern channels of marketing of international tourism; systems of aid to the joint management of services related to the needs of the target audience of the tourism product.

These measures are complementary to the objectives of Pillar 4 “Sustainable tourism"; of the EUSAIR strategy which, as part of the initiatives to improve the quality and sustainability of the

The types of beneficiaries are: enterprises.

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