Training courses of care service operators - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 9.8

Training courses of care service operators

Under RA 9. 3 and Line 9. 8, the following actions have been indicatively selected from those set out in the Partnership Agreement: 9. 3. 7.

With specific reference to action 9. 8, this allows the objectives of qualifying and strengthening the supply network to be pursued looking at the qualification of human resources employed in the area of social work. If the system of vocational training and university training already ensure an adequate supply for the training of specialist technical figures within all structures.

However, there is a need for basic care services for the care of the person, which finds qualified answers only if there are professional figures for which it is possible to certify basic and specific skills, downstream of short training courses and work experience in the field. This is the figure of Family Assistant, which will allow, also with a view to the emergence of undeclared work, to complete the supply chain of services through the training of family assistants and the creation of registers on a territorial scale of people and legal entities providing care services, in compliance with current legislation: this figure, as provided for in the Regional Directory of Professional Figures  approved by DRG no. 327 of 07/03/2014, is necessary to support those situations of fragility (both in early childhood and for people with disabilities) who require a stay at home, even if not continuous, with a view to integration with others types of services and facilities of a Community nature and of a day-cycle nature.

Also in consideration of the characteristics of the audience of potentials interested in these training paths people with low levels of education, continuing unemployment, high barriers to entry into the labour market, including linguistic and cultural barriers for people

This training action has been maintained within Axis 9 and in particular within the R . A . 9. 3 in order to ensure full integration, in project and implementation deadlines, with actions under this Objective.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: the Region, Companies, Personal Services Companies, Training Bodies, Patronage, Bilateral Bodies, Local Bodies, Public Bodies and Private Bodies.