Axis III - Competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises - POR Puglia 2014-2020

III axis

Priority Axis III - Competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises

The regional policy to support the enlargement and qualification of the labour market is based primarily on strengthening the competitiveness of the economic and entrepreneurial fabric of Apulia, with particular emphasis on support for tangible and intangible investments, measures to support access to credit, and the strengthening of internationalisation processes.

In line with the Community guidelines and the strategy that the Region has adopted with particular success in the preparation and implementation of an articulated system of regional aid, a targeted and selective system of industrial investment incentives is made available to SMEs operating in the Apulian territory.

As part of the measures to support the competitiveness of Apulian SMEs, particular importance continues to be attached to the instruments for improving access to and management of credit aimed at supporting wider and more qualified access to the capital market and at strengthening support for new productive and occupational investment.

Actions to support competitiveness and employment cannot be separated from the need to support the capacity of companies to develop and maintain new international market basins, supporting the current trend towards foreign segments of demand. In this context, the internationalisation of SMEs. 
Apulia is one of the main drivers of development and regional competitiveness, to be achieved through support for the creation and consolidation of permanent networks between companies involved in the implementation of integrated projects of international promotion.

Specific objectives

  • Relaunching the investment propensity of the productive system (RA 3.1) 
  • Disseminating and strengthening economic activities with a social content (RA 3.7) 
  • Consolidating, modernising and diversifying territorial production systems (RA 3.3) 
  • Increasing the level of internationalisation of production systems (RA 3.4) 
  • Promoting the emergence and consolidation of micro and SMEs (RA 3.5) 
  • Improving access to credit, business finance and risk management (RA 3.6)

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