Axis VI - Environmental protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources - POR Puglia 2014-2020

VI axis

Priority Axis VI - Environmental protection and promotion of natural and cultural resources

Axis VI intervenes on the enhancement of natural and tourist-cultural resources.

With regard to waste, the regional strategy includes both the objective of encouraging the reduction of waste production and that of encouraging the best models and tools to increase the percentages of separate collection through the reorganization of services.

In addition, the aim is to promote the adoption of Waste Prevention Plans within the ARO, to encourage the spread of domestic and community composting practices, to encourage the reduction of waste within public canteens, to reduce the production of plastic through the purchase of municipal stations for microfiltration of public water, to stimulate the adoption of procedures for Green Purchases in the PA as well as to launch a communication campaign on sustainable consumption and waste reduction.

Within the regional strategy, the realization of systems of differentiated pneumatic collection and the construction of municipal or intermunicipal collection centres of urban waste and assimilated to differentiated urban waste occupy an important place.

It is also planned to strengthen the plant equipment for the treatment and recovery, including energy, based on the principles of self-sufficiency, territorial proximity and minimization of environmental impacts. In this sense, the construction of plants for the treatment of the organic fraction (with aerobic and/or anaerobic digestion process), the reconversion of public biostabilization plants, the installation of plants for the treatment and recovery of secondary raw materials, the revamping of existing public plants, and the reactivation of public CMRDs not in operation should be considered.

Specific objectives

  • To optimise the management of urban waste in accordance with the community hierarchy (RA 6.1) 
  • To restore polluted areas to productive use (RA 6.2)
  • To improve the integrated water service for civil use and to reduce the losses of the aqueduct network (RA 6.3)
  • To maintain and improving the quality of water bodies (RA 6.4) 
  • To contribute to halting the loss of terrestrial and marine biodiversity by maintaining and restoring eco-systemic services (RA 6.5)
  • To improve the conditions and standards for the supply and use of heritage in areas of natural attraction (RA 6.6) 
  • To improve of the conditions and standards for the supply and use of cultural heritage, in the areas of attraction (RA 6.7) 
  • To encourage the competitive repositioning of tourist destinations, through the integrated exploitation of territorial resources and competences (RA 6.8) 

Calls and notices

Until time runs out  16/06/2017 - 10/11/2017

Smart-In - Community Library

Until time runs out  19/01/2017 - 20/03/2017

Interventi per la tutela e valorizzazione della biodiversità terrestre e marina

Until time runs out  14/12/2017 - 30/04/2018

Interventions related to the construction of systems for the management of rainwater in residential areas

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