Interventions of continuous and/or specialized and professionalizing training - POR Puglia 2014-2020

Action 10.6

Interventions of continuous and/or specialized and professionalizing training

Under RA 10.4, and under the above mentioned Line 10.6, the following actions have been indicatively selected, among those indicated in the Partnership Agreement:

  • Action: 10. 4. 1 Training interventions (also on individual demand) closely linked to the needs of integration and reintegration into the labour market. Priority will be given to the most sensitive targets (over 55, long-term unemployed, citizens with low schooling) and to specialist training initiatives (in particular aimed at the green economy, blue economy, personal services, social and health services, enhancement of heritage and cultural activities) and for entrepreneurship. Training courses related to the issue of qualifications included in national or regional directories (also on individual request) accompanied, where appropriate, by guidance actions;
  • Action: 10. 4. 2 Actions to update skills for the entire workforce (not excepting digital skills), including temporary workers, the self-employed, owners of micro-enterprises, cooperative members, also through innovative methodologies and in line with the guidelines of economic development of the territories;
  • Action: 10. 4. 3 Training interventions to raise skills to strengthen Axes 4 (Energy) and 6 (Environment, Culture and Tourism).

These are actions, aimed both at workers for the adaptation of professional skills, and at the unemployed to facilitate the processes of reintegration into employment. In particular, the aim will be to encourage a rapprochement between the training offered and the qualification requirements expressed by companies. The Region, in order to determine in detail the operations of promotion of the training offer for stakeholders, will also promote actions of analysis and evaluation of training needs, through the functions already present in the regional administration (observers, statistical offices, etc.) or through actions of ad hoc system. The training activities, of qualification of the job offer, that can be realized through catalogues of ad hoc training offer, or through the traditional channels of the continuous training, will also be aimed at answering to the needs detectable in the fields of energy, environment, culture and tourism: all this, in order to operate in synergy with the operations put in place in the framework of Axis 4 and Axis 6. In the latter case, training courses may be started, for example, for Energy Certification, Photovoltaic Systems Technician, Waste Collection and Disposal Technician, Toxic Industrial Products Recycling Treatment Technician, Eco-auditor, Eco-tourism Experts, Environmental Assessment Technician, etc.

Training activities, also in e-learning, aimed at promoting adaptability processes, in response to specific needs of enterprises, with particular attention to the needs of those investing in the Region, also benefiting from ERDF measures, to strengthen their impact on the territory, could be financed. The use of e-learning platforms, as well as the provision of other measures and procedures aimed at simplifying the process of matching training demand and supply (e.g. the establishment of training supply catalogues linked to specific business requirements) will be instrumental in making the process of planning and delivering training more effective.

Main target groups: workers; unemployed, inactive, disadvantaged people engaged in study and/or training activities.

Indicative type of beneficiaries: Region, Companies, Training Organisms, Patronage, Bilateral Bodies, Local Authorities, Public and Private Undertakings.

Reference territories: Apulia Region.

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